Owners Note

  It is no secret that the former Semlin Valley Golf Club struggled over the last several years to keep the golf club open due to aging members and the lack of growth in our community. We stepped out on a limb to open this golf course this year and to give the community another outlet of recreation that seemed at the beginning to be highly requested and wanted .After 3 weeks in business it appears that besides a couple of good days we just aren't seeing enough golfers booking tee times and looking at the numbers we were short at startup with respect to minimal seasons pass sales, we need to count pennies and cut down on the number of hours we pay for outside help/staff.

  Please if you want to see this golf course survive and flourish then we need to hear from you in advance by calling in and booking tee times so that we are not wasting our time in trying to keep it open to the public. 

  We understand that the community is going through troubled times with the water levels and flood warnings and we are hoping that this set back to our business and those of our community are short term and temporary. We promise to readdress the shortened hours week by week.


Brenda & Gord

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC