Owners Note

 Yes .... it's up for sale!

We purchased this property for the land and its gorgeous views, it just so happened to have a beautiful 9 Hole Golf Course on the property as a bonus. Our decision to sell is one that didn't come easy, but if this golf course is going to stay open then we have to sell the land and our home to make that a possibility. The golf course portion of the property has always been leased out and needs to be leased out in order for its success. With both of us working and needing to work to pay our mortgage and other bills, we can not do the course the justice it deserves. Keeping up with the maintenance required is a 3-4 person full time job, yet there needs to be the foot traffic to pay for staffing. Not to mention that the clubhouse should ideally be open and staffed for a minimum of 12 hours per day, however again the money needs to be there to pay staff and somebody has to want to work. We have wonderful volunteers who help us one day per week mowing and an amazing women who gives me a little relief in the clubhouse on the weekends but we can only ask so much from these people. Let's face it, golf is not what it used to be and we are not the only business in this small town having issues. If the property does not sell this will be the last season here for this Gem of a course in Cache Creek, the end of 35 years of history and memories for both locals and visitors passing through. 

Brenda & Gord

Brenda Whitehead, Owner Operator Bonaparte Ridge Golf