Bonaparte Ridge Golf, Plenty of Parking

There is plenty of parking on the property to park an ​RV while playing a round of golf and stretching your legs before getting back on the road to your final destination. If Cache Creek is where you would like to explore for a longer length of time then we suggest you park across the street at the Brookside Campsite and take your time in exploring our beautiful little piece of the world.

Across the Street 

Brookside Campsite

1621 East Trans Canada Hwy

Cache Creek, B.C.

Dedicated vacation park which allows the opportunity to mingle with like-minded travellers from Canada, the United States and International travellers from all parts of the world, exploring the beauty of the area.


Local History Museum & More

Located 11km from Cache Creek 

at Hwy Junction 97 & 99

Historic Hat Creek Ranch

Local Lake Action

1820 Loon Lake Road

Cache Creek, B.C.

Evergreen Fishing Resort

Farmers Market, Bakery & Cafe

Hwy 97, 5 minutes North of 

the Village of Cache Creek

Horstings Farmers Market

Local Coffee Shop

Located right in Cache Creek 

on Hwy/BC -1 W5 T

Junctions Coffee House

Local Driving Range

1236 East Trans Canada Hwy

Cache Creek, B.C.

5 Tees Driving Range

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